• Julien Chopin Ratafia of Champagne
  • Escargotine with farm Champagne Ratafia
  • Champagne terrine
  • Duck liver mousse with Champagne Ratafia
  • Confit of nature fig




Be original ! Discover another Champagne’s aperitif, unusual, it will charm and surprise you.

  • aRatafia of Champagne Julien Chopin: Typical Aperitif drink typical of the Champagne area, it’s made with Meunier’s grapes musts, straight out of the press room, without any filtration, to which is Added strong alcohol.
  • Escargotine with Champagne’s ratafia: this pâté made with free range snails is to be spread on canapés and warmed up in the oven. Added to ratafia, it’ll bring delicious flavours and a fine fullness.

Ingredients: 50 % snail meat, half-salted butter, parsley, garlic, 5% Champagne Ratafia, salt, pepper, spices

  • Terrine champenoise fermière: pâté made for ratafia of Champagne aperitifs with farm porks raised on straw, fed with the crops of the farm, with no intensive farming, which guarantees a sane and delicious meat.

Ingredients: pork meat, pork liver, eggs, seasoning, wheat flour, Ratafia (2,5 %) and “Marc de Champagne”

  • Free range duck liver mousse with ratafia of Champagne: made with free range ducks fed with the farm’s cereals.

Ingredients: 67 % duck liver, crème fraîche, egg, Champagne Ratafia 6 %, salt , pepper and sugar.

  • Confit of natural fig: original recipe created by a passionate craftsman with high quality raw materials.

Ingredients: fig, cane sugar.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 21 × 11 cm

Ratafia of Champagne (75cl)
Escargotine with ratafia of Champagne (net weight: 80 g)
Terrine champenoise (net weight: 90 g)
Duck's liver mousse with ratafia of Champagne (net weight: 90 g)
Artisanal fig preserve (net weight: 120 g)
The products are arranged in an elegant box manufactured by a French company.
A booklet is included in the box with a description of each product and artisan-producer.

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